Thursday, April 26, 2012

Updates from the Babler House

Wow!!  It's been a very long time since I wrote anything on this blog.  Life has surely run away with me in the last year or so.  This school year began with the passing away of my Dad (on Labor Day), and the school year never really recovered from all that.  I am hoping over the next few months as summer approaches to revive this blog and update it (pictures and all :-)).  We will be starting some new things next year and I would really like to share our experiences with all of you.

 One big change for next year is that Owen (our oldest) will be coming back home again after a year and a half in a private Christian school.  We can no longer afford to send him there, and we feel God is leading us to bring him home again for next year. I will also be adding Lily to our school days next year which will bring me up to 6 formal school kids and one 3/4 year old and a toddler.  As crazy as it may sound, I am actually excited about the challenge of next school year.  It will hopefully be the first school year we've had in awhile where we haven't had a pregnancy, new baby, sick parent, or any other major distractions to keep us from staying on track.  Let's hope anyways that this will continue to be the case into next school year.

Another change from recent years is some health issues that I have been diagnosed with.  During my pregnancy with our youngest I was diagnosed as having Hypothyroidism.  I had hoped that after she was born this would be something that would go away, but so far it's still hanging around.  I keep that under control with daily medication...but I was also recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and I am still working on learning how to keep that under control.  These things have brought challenges to our homeschool, but have also required me to keep my focus on the Lord on a daily basis.  It's been a good reminder that Jesus should be our source of strength daily, not just when we feel like calling on Him.

So, stay tuned in the next few months as I work on updating this blog, and keeping everyone in the loop about what's happening here at the Babler house!  

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