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Here you will find a listing of many of our families favorite resources for life, homeschooling, photography, fun..etc!  If it's something our family has used and loved,  you can click on it here and purchase it here directly!!  I will make an attempt to write a review on every single one of these products, but if you don't see a review listed for a particular product, and would like to hear about our first hand knowledge of it...please feel free to contact me!  Happy shopping!

805915: Window on the World Window on the World

By Daphne Spraggett & Jill Johnstone / Biblica Publishing

A book that will inform and inspire the whole family, this beautifully presented yet practical book is the ideal accompaniment to Operation World. Stunning photographic visuals complement this A-Z of 100 countries and people groups providing an exciting learning experience and guide for prayer. Learn about different people groups, their beliefs and circumstances.

884722: Life Skills for Kids Life Skills for Kids

By Christine M. Field / Random House, Inc

You're successfully teaching your kids language and logarithms, but don't neglect lessons of life. Written with humor and insight, this practical resource helps you teach your kids to lead God-honoring lives in the real world. Field's 14 "Maxims for Maturity" include decision-making, money management, spiritual habits, people skills, and more.

430780: Homeschooling the Challenging Child: A Practical Guide Homeschooling the Challenging Child: A Practical Guide

By Christine M. Field / B & H Publishing Group

Christine Field's Homeschooling the Challenging Child is full of encouragement and advice for those homeschooling children who are "challenging" for one reason or another. Covering an array of topics from discipline to a 'disorder primer' and information and hope for the moms, this practical guide is perfect for any family struggling or looking for more information on homeschooling challenging children. 244 pages, softcover.

2678001: Daily Focus: A Devotional for Homeschoolers by  Homeschoolers Daily Focus: A Devotional for Homeschoolers by Homeschoolers

By Janet Tatman / Alpha Omega Publications

Homeschoolers can become weary in their journey, and sometimes a bit of encouragement can make all the difference in a day, month, or year. Compiled from Alpha Omega's Daily Devotionals email for homeschoolers, these short, uplifting chapters will warm your heart and provide encouragement for the day. Read real-life homeschooling experiences that relate to God's word, and be empowered to grow closer to the Lord with topics that deal with faithfulness, endurance, prayer, forgiveness, thankfulness, time management, worship, patience and more. 365 entries, softcover.

251470: Reading Made Easy: A Guide to Teach Your Child to Read Reading Made Easy: A Guide to Teach Your Child to Read

By Valorie Bendt / Greenleaf Press

What child wants to read nonsensical sentences as they're beginning to read? Children who have been read to-and who have come to enjoy reading time-often immediately see the difference between the stories parents read to them, and the sentences they're made to read. Reading Made Easy understands this, and was written to help children learn to read using phonics, practice, and original, fun stories! This book also employs a different sight-recognition system than the normal proofreading-like marks that convey silent/short/long vowels/letter combinations. Lessons include a materials-needed list, instructions with objectives, scripted lesson to be read to the child, and as they progress, copywork & drawing exercises are also added. Eventually children will be able to read the story "Gideon's Gift", written especially as an interesting story for kids to read. 180 lessons are designed for 3 lessons a week; this book is written from a Christian perspective. 512 pages, softcover.

527116: When You Rise Up: A Covenantal Approach to Homeschooling When You Rise Up: A Covenantal Approach to Homeschooling

By P & R Publishing

Who should teach your children? What should they be taught? What is the goal of education? Drawing on Charlotte Mason's and classical methods and encouraging parents as God's chosen teachers, Sproul offers a biblical approach to learning that defines instruction as discipleship; and its purpose as seeing your children bear fruit, grow in grace, and become more like Christ. 152 pages, softcover from P & R.

392264: The Mystery of History Volume 2 Audio Book Set (12 Audio CDs) The Mystery of History Volume 2 Audio Book Set (12 Audio CDs)

By Linda Lacour Hobar / The Mystery Of History, Inc.

Listen along to the thrilling story of the Mystery of History Volume II! This 12-CD set features the Mystery of History Volume 2 stories read by author Linda Lacour Hobar and set to music. Read the text along with the CDs, or simply listen. Perfect for families on-the-go, with auditory learners, or who simply enjoy listening to an excellent narration! These CDs contain narrated lessons only, and do NOT include pretests, activities, quizzes, exercises, or other similar items in the textbooks.
Total listening time: 13 hours, 58 minutes
This CD is based on the The Mystery Of History, Volume 2: The Early Church and the Middle Ages textbook.

337015: Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology

By Jeannie K. Fulbright / Apologia Educational Ministries

All creation is awe-inspiring, but the work of the human body, created in the very image of God, is especially jaw-dropping! This study of anatomy and physiology showcases the intricacy and design of the human body, from DNA and cell creation to the skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous/endocrine, immune, and intergumentary systems. Integrated with health and nutrition information, as well as plenty of scripture and biblical application, this complete guide to the human body is written in an enjoyable, conversational tone that will keep kids engaged. Experiments, notebooking assignments, narration, and a "personal person project" provide interaction with concepts outside of reading, and help to solidify understanding. 265 pages, hardcover. Index and answers to the narrative questions are included.

87942: Help for the Harried Homeschooler : A Practical Guide to Balancing Your Child"s Education with the Rest of Your Life Help for the Harried Homeschooler : A Practical Guide to Balancing Your Child's Education with the Rest of Your Life

By Christine Field / Random House, Inc

Experienced home-schooler Christine Field offers insight into challenges such as: teaching multiple ages, avoiding burnout, managing crises and balancing time demands, to help home-school parents provide a valuable educational experience while enjoying a rich home life.

391862: Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish Level 1 & 2 Set with Audio Companion Homeschool Edition, Version 3 Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish Level 1 & 2 Set with Audio Companion Homeschool Edition, Version 3

By Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone's interactive, immersion-method course has helped thousands of students to easily master a new language. Vivid imagery, native voices, and real-life exercises foster speaking, understanding, reading and writing intuitively from the first exercise to the last, while speech recognition technology provides instant feedback and improved pronunciation. Grammar and spelling components build comprehensive skills, while real-life simulated conversations test fluency.
Rosetta Stone students progress independently at their own pace. Parents can choose whether to use a preloaded lesson plan or full-year curriculum track, create their own lessons, or use an alternate program to focus on specific skills such as listening & speaking or reading & writing. Students are tested periodically, automatically advancing as their scores improve through reviewing weaker areas. At the completion of a unit, students complete a "Milestone Activity" in which they must speak into the microphone and participate in a conversation. The built-in reporting tool gives parents the ability to view, print and export student results, including completed exercises, current lesson progress, scores, and time spent learning.
New! Rosetta Stone now includes an audio companion! Reinforce your language skills anywhere, anytime with five audio activities per level that correspond with the computer lessons and provide additional conversation practice. At home or on the go, you can redeem the time by improving your pronunciation, vocabulary, phrases, speaking & conversation skills.
Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin American) Levels 1 & 2, Homeschool Edition, Version 3, provides a foundation of key vocabulary and language skills, including topics such as directions, greetings, introductions, adjectives, time, emotion, and basic grammar.
This Kit Includes:

  • Application CD

  • Language CD

  • Users Guide

  • Parents Guide

  • Keyboard Stickers with letters for target language

  • Headset with Microphone

  • Quick Start Activation Card

  • Audio Companion CDs

  • Supplemental Education Materials CD with printable lesson scripts, student workbook, word index, unit tests, and an answer key for workbook & tests. System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000 or later

  • Mac OS 10.4 or later

  • 512 MB RAM

  • 1 GHz or faster processor speed

  • 600 MB free hard-drive space (per level)

  • 16-bit sound card

  • 800 x 600 display resolution (1024 x 768 recommended)

  • Internet or phone connection required for product activation

  • Speech recognition feature requires a USB headset microphone (included with purchase)

  • 16X CD-ROM Drive (for installation)

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