Here is a run down of the curriculum that we are purchasing for next school year for our children.  Some of these may change, but I will update if anything changes.

First of all...our oldest son goes to a local Christian School, and he will be in the 8th grade this next school year. He started at the school in the middle of the year this year.  There were many reason that we made this decision for him, which will be discussed in a future post.

For our 11 year old, who will be a 7th grader next year:

English:  7th grade Rod and Staff *

Math :  Horizons Prealgebra *

Science:  Switched on Schoolhouse 7th grade

History:  Switched on Schoolhouse 7th grade

Spelling:  Rod and Staff 7th grade *

Bible:  Switched on Schoolhouse 7th grade

Penmanship:  Queens Homeschool

Writing:  Understanding Writing

He may also be taking some extra classes in trumpet, and a few other extras that are offered through a local homeschool partnership.  He will likely take a Rosetta Stone Latin course also.

For our 10 year old who will be a fifth grader next year:

Math:  Horizons Math 5

English:  Switched on Schoolhouse Language Arts 5th grade

Science:  Switched on Schoolhouse Science for 5th grade

History:  Switched on Schoolhouse History for 5th grade

Bible:  Switched on Schoolhouse Bible for 5th grade

Penmanship:  Queens Homeschool 

Writing:  Understanding Writing

He will likely also do some extra classes through the local homeschool partnership including Rosetta Stone German, and perhaps a Lego Robotics class and a piano class...maybe Swim and Gym.

For our daughter who will be a 3rd grader this year:

English:  Abeka English for 3rd grade

Math:  Horizons Math 3

History:  Switched on Schoolhouse for 3rd grade

Science:  Switched on Schoolhouse for 3rd grade

Bible:  Lifepac Bible for 3rd grade

Spelling:  Abeka Spelling for 3rd grade

Writing:  Understanding Writing

Penmanship:  Queens Homeschool

She will also likely do a few partnership classes this year...including piano, Rosetta Stone French, and perhaps a dance class.

For our 5 year old who will be a 1st grader this next year:

English:  Abeka for 1st graders

Math:  Horizons 1st. grade

I'm not sure about any Science or History for him this next year.  I typically just read Science and History related books to kids at this age.  I may use one of our Jeannie Fulbright Science books for him this year.

Bible:  Lifepac Bible for 1st graders

Penmanship:  Queens Homeschool

I don't think I will have him participate in the partnership until the next school  year when he's six.

Preschoolers will be doing a lot of reading with mommy, and maybe a preschool book of some sort that I will likely buy from United Arts and Education for my 3 and 2 year olds. 

You can read more about these curriculums at these links:

Alpha Omega:  Switched on Schoolhouse, Lifepacs, and Horizons-


Queen Homeschool-

Keep tuned in next school year as I will review these new curriculums as we are using them, and give you the scoop on how they are working for us!  

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